Sunday, July 16, 2017


As I sit here at my computer with one day left of the July school holidays I can hardly believe where the time has gone.  But, when I look back through the photos on my camera I realise we have actually crammed a lot into the last two weeks, including hosting Fire and Flour Day

We have cooked sourdough pizzas in our wood oven and washed them down with ginger beer for the youngsters and a hearty bottle of stout for the grownups.

There has been frost on the broccoli, but it hasn’t been as heavy this year as we have seen it in the past.

My pear trees are now bare but their spindly branches still look pretty in the afternoon light.

The Shady Farmer has done many hours of work in his light plane; I love the peaceful early morning atmosphere at our airstrip.  No queues or security in site.

George has had time to create many things with his hands, including this wire toast cooker for the campfire.  All great engineering has to start somewhere I say.

The sheep dogs have been keeping a watchful eye on everything as we drive around checking tanks, troughs and stock.

The leafy Asian greens are growing happily in the vegetable garden, providing something fresh to pick whenever a stir fry is on the menu.

There has been sheep, mustering, shearing and plenty of beautiful wool. 

There has been winter sunshine, hearty meals, fires, errands in town, early mornings,cooking, photo shoots, driving, tidying, gardening, planning and talking. I am just not quite sure how we are going to fit school back into our schedule but I am sure I say that every holidays. 

Happy Sunday friends, I hope you schedule is full of good things today x